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Welcome to EVOXE 

A Global Network Company of Professional Consultants

Grow Your Vision With Evoxe

Our Professional Consultants Work with NGO's, Private and Public Sectors
in Education, Healthcare, Justice and Social Development

We Design Executive Coaching and Training Portfolios for Executives
Leadership Teams, Governance Boards, Community Partners and Stakeholders

Our Executive Coaching and Training Portfolios (ECTP) are developed with
Culturally Responsive tools that examine individual and systemic priorities,
strategic plan goals, personal and professional growth goals and inequity gaps.

Your Executive Coaching and Training Portfolio is intended to provide you and your organization with the Cultural Safety strategies and alignment tools needed for directional decision making with the communities that you serve. ​


EVOXE Global Network is an Indigenous owned company. We have a team of Professional Consultants with diverse experience in Cultural Safety, Culturally Responsive Governance Frameworks, Restorative Practice, Indigenous Education, International Education, Educational Leadership, Mediation, Executive Coaching and Designing Professional Learning. 

Dr. Shelly Niemi

Founding Partner

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