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EVOXE Global Network 
Quarterly Journals and Newsletters 

Welcome to our free online Journal Publication where we focus on topics that highlight relevant research, pedagogies and stories that highlight the impacts of Cultural Safety within governance and leadership practice and how these leadership and decision making processes have impact on the overall  health, alignment, vision, and safety of the organization.


Our Journal is designed for all those in leadership and governance roles; Our Design Publications Team all currently hold various role in leadership as executives, governance board members, administrators, community partners and Elders. The Journal is deigned to be a professional learning resource for all sectors through the intentional articles, case studies, and research included from current practitioners in the field.


The Global Perspectives captured in this Journal aim to reflect how different policies, governance models, decision making practices, and leadership approaches can and do impact and impede organizational health and alignment.


Our EVOXE Global Network  authors also provide you with some current and emerging frameworks, tools, and insights in every Journal Publication. These insights ask you to consider your practice and what may be required to shift your governance and leadership practice to better meet the needs of the communities that you serve.                       

 Dr. Shelly Niemi

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