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Meet the Global Network Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion. Integrity. Relational Accountability. 

Dr. Shelly Niemi

Dr. Shelly Niemi 
Founding Partner 

Dr. Shelly Niemi is a Global Indigenous Educational Leader, Scholar, Researcher and Executive Coach. She is of Cree and Métis ancestry. She  lives and works from the beautiful territories of the ləkʷəŋən people of Songhees and Esquimalt Nations in Victoria, British Columbia.


Dr. Niemi’s experience, passion, research, influence and consultation expertise can be found in; Cultural Safety, Culturally Responsive Governance, Restorative Practice, Leadership, Indigenous Anti-Racism, Community Engagement and Strategic Planning.


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EVOXE Global 
Conference and Online Learning Team 

Spring 2025 Conference

April 16th and 17th 2025 

Victoria, B.C. 

Culturally Responsive

Governance and Leadership Conference

Registration Opens 

August 1st 2024 

Upcoming Online Learning Sessions 

(Register Online) 

May 29th 2024 

Examining Culturally Responsive Governance and Leadership Within Your Practice

November  22nd 2024 

Lateral Violence in the Workplace and the Impacts on Mental Health 


EVOXE Global 
Professional Consultants 


Professional Consultants


Executive Coaches


Our Global Network Team of Professional Consultants Provide Executive Coaching and Professional Learning 

Topics May Include

Cultural Safety, Governance, Strategic Planning, Indigenous Education, Mediation,

Restorative Practice and Leadership

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EVOXE Global
Publications Team 


Global Leadership Journal 


This is our official quarterly online Free Journal Publication that is developed and designed by our team of EVOXE Global  practitioners and consultants. 

Our Journal features culturally  relevant resources, research and stories from practitioners and consultants. Topics are related to professional learning and leadership development, organizational health, vision, alignment and Cultural Safety. 


EVOXE Global Leadership Podcast is our official Podcast Channel and Podcast Library Collection. Guests featured on the Podcast include our team of EVOXE Global practitioners and consultants with other invited Leading Experts who discuss current and emerging topics, trends, frameworks and research within Culturally Responsive Leadership and how you may include or address them within your own practice. 

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EVOXE Global
Consultant Highlight 

EVOXE Global
Consultant Highlight

EVOXE Global
Consultant Highlight 

Consultant: Carolyn Roberts 



Featured Topics

Restorying & Reimaging Education 

Anti-Racism & Culturally Responsive Education

Consultant: Toni Gallicano - George  



Featured Topics

Understanding the History of Indigenous Education

Decolonizing Education  



"As we move forward together we must continue the collective work in building the foundation that supports the strength of the communities that we serve" 
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